Older Drivers

Older Drivers

As we get older, our risk of being involved in an accident increases.

Simply put, all those years of experience of driving safely begins to be overwhelmed by some of the inevitable physical and cognitive effects of ageing.

The CRSP recognises that mature motorists like you are as experienced as you are responsible; and this site sets out to offer advice and information that will help you to stay safe on the roads for many years to come. We are currently offering the Drive Safely for Longer scheme (PDF 785KB) to the residents of Cumbria.

The law requires those drivers aged 70 and older to renew their Driving Licence every 3 years using form D46P. The links from the GOV.UK website below may prove useful for you and your GP:

Are you over 70? - Information from the DVLA regarding your licence

Medical conditions that must be reported to the DVLA

Age UK have produced a dedicated page for older drivers on their website.

Guidance notes for the Friends and family of older drivers  (PDF 362KB)

You may wish to view an explanatory video featuring Valerie Singleton.

For the use of our Drive Safely For Longer (DSFL) Approved Driving Instructors (ADI`s)

Drive Safely for Longer Summary (PDF 442 KB)

Scheme workings (PDF 104KB)

The Driving Assessment Report Form (PDF 537KB)